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What can Qudi Mask do?
Qudi Mask has a bunch of modes:
- In Robot Mode mask opens mouth to your speech, shows various emotions, reacts to your head movements (Yes and No nods).
- 12 colorful animations for any choice.
- 6 different face emotions, that you can choose according to your mood.
- Equalizer Mode, in which animation on mask adjusts to your music volume.
- in Demo Mode mask switches all built-in animations every 5 seconds in turn.
With the help of Qudi app you can select desired animations more quickly and adjust Qudi Mask for yourself!
Android App
Is there an app for IOS and Android?
How to switch animations?
For manual control, there is a touch button on the mask control unit in a special recess under the logo, to switch to the next effect it is worth just touching it.
Also, you can choose animations easily using our Android or IOS app:
Android App
Today mask is NOT completely waterproofed, so be careful and avoid water while using mask
Is the mask waterproofed?
We made our best to make your view inside the mask as good as possible, there are small LED circles in front of your eyes, but you should be careful while wearing mask, especially in the nighttime.
How well can you see through the mask?
A full charge takes up to 1.5 hours.
How long does it take to charge mask?
Standard phone charger (up to 5V 2A output). The charger is included in the European and American masks package.
You could also charge mask with the power bank (up to 5V 2A output).
How can I charge mask?
Qudi Mask weights nearly 290 grams.
How much does mask weights?
Mask is not adjoining to the lower part of the face, so air could go in and out easily.
Is it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask?
On the right elastic, there is a clip for adjusting the size.
How to adjust the mask size to yourself?
- Qudi Mask
- Cable for charging (charger is included for Europeanean and American packages)
- Storage bag
- Manual
What is included in the package?
We recommend wiping the visor and bottom part of the mask with a cloth napkin or with any other dry cloth to prevent them from the appearance of stains.
How can you clean the mask?
Try to:
1. Turn it off and on
2. Charge it
If it won't help, please contact on, we would be happy to help you!
Is the mask display frozen?
Yes, you can earn 10% from every successful referral!
More details here:
Do you have a referral program?
Some countries may have additional duties that will be charged to you at customs clearance. Exception: USA
Will I be charged additional customs clearance fees?
1. Download our IOS App or Android App
2. Turn on your mask
3. Run the app on your phone

App will find and connect to your mask automatically!
If you have any issues while connecting to the mask - feel free to contact our support:
How to connect the mask to the smartphone app?
3+ hours depending on the selected mode.
How long can a mask work on a single charge?
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